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Pest Reject PRO

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Pest Reject Pro, insect repellent and rodents 100% safe and without emission of harmful substances for your children or pets! There are bugs in your home, the walls in the kitchen, in the attic? Are you tired of spending hundreds of euro in an attempt to get rid of them? Try the new Pest Reject Pro repellent ultrasound that does not use chemicals, it needs no maintenance and lasts forever. All you need to do is insert the Pest Reject Pro into a standard electrical outlet and the entire home is safe thanks to the range of 300 square meters! Pest Reject Pro uses two advanced technologies:

- Electromagnetism: sending electromagnetic pulses through the waves behind the walls of your home, creating a hostile housing for insects that will be forced to do an about-face;
- Ultrasound: waves emitted intermittently by the device that makes the environment unbearable for insects flying within range.

CAUTION: Pest Reject Pro does not kill the bugs, but makes life unbearable until they go away!

Pest reject Pro is completely harmless to children and pets, and does not interfere at all with home applications. Additionally, Pest Reject Pro is a homemade product designed to operate 24 hours a day and 365 days a year, no toxic emissions or odors.

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  • Weight:
  • 200.000g