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With Livariz you will be relieved from symptoms like heavy legs, bumps, hunting, pain, cramps or tingling. 

It contains unique compounds; Varitek 1 and Varitek 2 which contribute to the improvement of blood circulation, stimulates the blood circulation in the lower limbs and strengthens the vein walls thus alleviating the inflammation and varicose veins. 

When applying Livariz spray , the foot temperature drops to about 9 degrees Celsius.

At this temperature, the legs begin to relax, the inflammations disappear, and the blood begins to circulate normally through the veins.

Because the blood can circulate normally through the veins, they will not dilate excessively, causing unsightly legs. At the same time, the Varitek compound in Livariz penetrates deep into the skin of the feet and has a powerful action of calm and relaxation. 

Forget the painful and expensive treatments!

If you feel your feet tired or if you want to alleviate the symptoms caused by varicose veins, then Livariz is the ideal solution for you! 

  • Weight:
  • 500.000g