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Ivanna Collection

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Ivanna di Lucca is synonymous with elegance, in her pieces she has managed to combine the craft tradition of jewelry with contemporary designs that have given rise to an exquisite collection. 

The pieces in this collection have been made entirely with Swarovski® crystals that are unmatched due to their brightness, cuts, colors and durability over time. 

The perfect frame for this collection are frames and pieces with a rhodium bath, which bring a touch of elegance to the pieces. 

This collection has been masterfully designed with Swarovski® crystals and rhodium-plated frames. Each piece has been carefully crafted by expert hands that have transformed them into unique pieces. 
The unparalleled brilliance that crystal jewelry gives to the female face makes them essential in the accessories that every woman should have. 
One saying for each day of the week !!

  • Weight:
  • 600.000g