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Fur Free

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Fur Free the revolutionary new extra large lint brush that picks up fur and lint with ease and then cleans up instantly with its self cleaning canister. Fur free is faster and easier than anything you've ever tried because of its advanced, double sided design. It cleans up twice as much in half the time of other lint brushes. Plus, clean up is simple. Just dip and both sides are clean and ready to use again. Just a few swipes from fur free and the entire surface is cleaned and fur free again

With one simple swipe, all that hair is gone in seconds. And because it's double sided, you just give it a flip and you can go in the other direction but it gets even better. It's so simple. You dip this wand right into the canister and just like magic I pull it back out and the hair is completely gone and it's ready to use.

The secret to the revolutionary Fur Free is its thousands of specially engineered micro bristles. They act like a fur magnet that grabs every last piece of fur, fuzz, or lint. Then the self cleaning canister uses its own micro bristles to brush Fur Free clean.



  • Fur & lint remover
  • Auto-cleaning system
  • Fast & easy
  • With micro stiff filaments
  • Weight:
  • 800.000g