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Gymform Squat Perfect

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Squat Perfect is the exciting new fitness machine that makes it fun and easy to do perfect squats safely and more effectively, so you can get all the benefits of squats with no effort, right in your home.

Squat perfect puts you in the perfect form so you can do more squats easily for the fastest but-toning results ever. The secret is Great Squat's power assisted adjustable base, ergonomically designed with a five-degree angle, which automatically aligns your body in the perfect position to do the perfect squat. It guides and supports with no stress on your joints. Then on the upward motion it gently propels you on the way up, making it easier to do squats and giving you all the amazing lower body sculpting benefits.

Best of all, Great Squat is fun, easy, and takes just five minutes a day!

  • Weight:
  • 3.000kg