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Stepluxe Slippers Summer Edition

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Stepluxe® Slippers Summer Edition are ideal for the summer. Slippers with gel against tired feet. Stepluxe® slippers absorb pressure from feet and knees when walking and standing The gel core of the soles acts like a shock absorber. Helps to relieve pain.


Comfort for your feet that will bring you relief from pain.




• Ideal for the summer 
• Breathable mesh outer surface 
• Inside made of extra soft and cool bamboo fabric 
• The gel core of the soles acts like a shock absorber 
• Stepluxe® slippers have a non-slip sole 
• Easy to clean. Washing machine suitable


The gel insoles from the Stepluxe® Slippers will adapt to your feet and do not deform. 
Avoid pain and overstressing joints and lumbar area  with Step Luxe® Slippers.


Article Size Chart:


Gr. XS (35/36) 
Gr. S (37/38) 
Gr. M (39/40) 
Gr. L (41/42) 
Gr. XL (43/44) 
Gr. XXL (45/46)

  • Weight:
  • 300.000g