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Comfortisse Uplift

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Comfortisse Uplift, the all-new miraculous lifting bra, designed to give you 360° of coverage and support for a total bra east sculpting makeover. With the Comfortisse Uplift, you can achieve instant results without any painful surgeries. Special knitting technology lifts and supports your breasts to give you that youthful, perkier look that every woman wants. You get 360° of slimming support around the whole band, across the front, around the band and even the entire back.


The best support

The Comfortisse Uplift smooths away back rolls and eliminates side spillage for good. As we age, the ligaments that support the breast begin to stretch and sag. Even while you’re sleeping, gravity takes an enormous toll on your breast tissue. Think about how much time we spend sleeping, tossing and turning, getting up, getting back down in the middle of the night. That’s why you need a bra with the right support both day and night. The Comfortisse Uplift has the support you need and is so comfortable that you can sleep in it. No more poking underwires and no more painful hooks. The Comfortisse Uplift is completely seamless and so comfortable, you’ll forget you’re even wearing it.

  • Weight:
  • 600.000g