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Master Cucki

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All the Benefits of MasterCucki
Professional cooking
MasterCucki cooks optimally, giving you healthy and tasty dishes! The nutritional properties will be unaltered while keeping food soft and juicy inside and fragrant and crisp on the outside!

Cook in a healthy way
With MasterCucki, you cook without fat! Forget about oil or butter! Thanks to the innovative convection system, a constant vortex of hot air will always keep the right temperature!

Defrost and cook at the same time! Thanks to MasterCucki you can cook frozen food! Just take them out of the freezer and store them inside! Think of everything!

Save energy
You can SAVE UP TO 70% ENERGY compared to the traditional oven. Despite having a power of 1400 watts and cooking up to 250 degrees, it allows a huge energy saving!

Anywhere with you
Kitchen wherever you want! MasterCucki is easily transportable, not cluttered and turns directly into a serving dish! Surprise your guests by cooking in the garden!

  • Weight:
  • 3.000kg