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Hammersmith Drill & Screw

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Electronic, pocket-sized drill-driver with interchangeable heads

The Hammersmith Drill & Screw is a rechargeable electric drill-driver that has a clever built-in barrel change system. With all your screw and drill heads set into a rotating barrel, just like a hand gun, you can pull back the carriage mounted on the top, rotate the barrel to select the right head and release the carriage which loads the head into the chuck, ready to go to work.

With 16 top-quality heads to choose from you’ll never need to rummage around in your tool kit or bag looking for the right head. Go from marking the position, to drilling a pilot hole and screwing the screw in place without even lowering your hands! Just pull, select and release to change heads quickly and easily.

Built-in ‘barrel-change’ loading system

Drill-drivers have been around for a long time now but they all have one major downfall when it comes to flexibility. The process of constantly changing from bradawl to drill bit to screw head means stopping, removing, searching, replacing, loading and starting again every time. With a marking bradawl, a drill bit and screw heads for most kinds of screw in one place, you don’t even have to look away, you can focus on the job at hand and change heads in a matter of seconds. Just pull back the carriage, spin the barrel to the right head and release. The head will be slotted right into place and gripped by the chuck on one smooth movement!

16 heads to mark, drill and drive any kind of screw

Hammersmith Drill & Screw comes with 8 heads in its spinning barrel, you get four sizes of cross-head, 2 sizes of slot-head, a 3mm drill bit for wood and plaster and a bradawl marking spike to set the location you want to screw into and make screwing into wood and plaster more accurate.

Powerful 3.6V lithium-ion rechargeable battery

With the rechargeable battery built into the handle of the Hammersmith Drill & Screw, you don’t need to have a separate charging dock or remove a battery that can get lost or damaged. Just plug the charger directly into the base and when the light goes out it’s ready to drill and screw for hours of hassle-free DIY.

  • Weight:
  • 2.000kg