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Instant Duster PRO

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This incredibly easy to use rotating cordless duster is so lightweight and portable that you'll wonder why you don't have one already!


Clean like never before

The secret to the Instant Duster Pro is the thousands of specially engineered electrostatically charged bristles, made of fibres that draw the dust to them. The static electricity used by the duster attracts dust and dirt like a magnet, and then traps the dust quickly and easily with nothing left behind.


Your best ally to clean the house

The super gentle spinning bristles can go anywhere, instantly cleaning surfaces better than anything else you've ever tried. Get into the hardest to reach crevices and corners, like blinds, radiators, lamp shades, picture frames, even your plants.

After use, just simply rinse the bristles, let them dry and you're good to go again and again. You'll never go back to using rags or feather dusters!


Clean the smallest of spaces

The Instant Duster Pro comes with the mini bristle attachment too. The mini bristle attachment has the same electrostatically charged bristles and is perfect for smaller spaces, like your keyboard or the interior of your car. The extension pole helps to clean those high places, such as fan blades, high lamps, on top of furniture and appliances, above windows, and much more!

  • Weight:
  • 1000.000g