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Easy Press Iron Board Cover

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Ironing is almost definitely up there with everyone’s least favourite chores. It’s tedious, time-wasting and having to keep flipping over items of clothing to iron both sides is a constant pain.


Iron both sides of clothes at the same time

The Starlyf Easy Press is the answer to your prayers! This heat-reflecting iron board cover allows you to iron both sides at the same time, leaving your clothes looking great and wrinkle-free!


Heat reflecting technology

Its heat reflecting fabric technology allows you to finish all your ironing in half the time as you now only need to iron one side of each garment! The heat used to iron the first side is reflected back up by the Easy Press cover, so that there’s no need to go back and iron the reverse!


Works on any kind of fabric

The cover works with any kind of fabric , even synthetics, allowing you to get crease-free clothes in half the time.
Its special design allows you to iron on lower temperatures, saving energy and prolonging the life of your clothes.



  • Heat reflecting technology allows you to iron both sides of a garment at the same time
  • Cut your ironing time in half
  • Works on any type of fabric
  • Won’t scorch or burn
  • Machine washable
  • Suitable for crafters and quilters
  • Weight:
  • 400.000g