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Vizmaxx MagniBrite Glasses

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Introducing Vizmaxx MagniBrite Glasses, the hands-free magnifying glasses that maximizes your vision and turns everything small and blurry, into big,clear & bright, right before your eyes.


Zoom in glasses

Vizmaxx uses crystal clear polycarbonate lenses, with built-in magnification technology to increase your vision by making everything closer and bigger, with incredible sharpness and clarity you have to see to believe.


Ideal for a professional use

The flexible frames are sturdy and durable enough for professional use, yet so lightweight you’ll hardly notice you’re wearing them.


Over your glasses

Vizmaxx is designed to be sleek and compact enough to wear over prescription glasses and even sunglasses, for a sure and secure, comfortable fit every time. And best of all, Vizmaxx is available to the public with no eye exam or prescription needed.



  • See things big and clear & Brighter!!!
  • Hands- free magnification. 160% Magnification
  • No distorsion
  • No prescription
  • No exam eye
  • Flexible & lightweight frames
  • Fit over prescription glasses, contact lenses and even sunglasses
  • Ideal for: sewing & crafts/ precision job/ Manual tasks/Jewelery making and more
  • Weight:
  • 300.000g