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Velform Dermaplaning System

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Tired of having dull skin and fine hairs on your face? The brand new Velform Dermaplaning System is the perfect way to make your skin look brighter, younger and feel amazingly smooth!


The exfoliation technique used by professionals

This brand new exfoliation technique is used by professionals to remove the top layer of skin - getting rid of dead skin cells, blemishes and peach fuzz, in order to reveal a healthier and brighter layer underneath!


Specially designed blade for safety and precision

The Japanese-inspired stainless steel blade is specially designed with a professional exfoliating edge that includes a safety guard, and with the built-in LED light, you won’t miss a spot. Plus, its contour design makes it so easy to hold and use with precision.


Make your skin brighter, smoother and more youthful

As the blade gets rid of dead skin cells, new ones are generated, helping your skin to appear more smooth and youthful.
Applying makeup on top of dry, flaky skin and peach fuzz often looks terrible, but the Velform Dermaplaning System exfoliates the top layer, smoothing your skin to perfection, creating a flawless canvas for makeup and creams. It also diminishes fine lines to make applying makeup and other skincare products easier and more effective.


Get a smooth, lifted look with the FREE jade stone set

Included in this offer is the vibrating Jade Roller, which offers a combination of the cool jade stone with a vibrating massage that promotes blood flow and circulation to your skin, giving it a smooth, lifted look that lasts all day.

You can also get the Jade under-eye stone completely free, which helps to reduce puffer under-eyes in the morning, making you look more rested and refreshed.



  • Leaves skin looking younger and brighter
  • Removes peach fuzz
  • Professional quality exfoliating edge
  • Safety guard to allow you to use safely
  • Built in LED light to illuminate desired areas
  • Gets rid of dead skin cells to make skin more refreshed
  • Apply makeup more effectively
  • Jade stone improves blood flow, circulation and reduces puffy eyes
  • Weight:
  • 700.000g