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Jet Fryer, the latest innovation in frying,  uses a hot, rapid air vortex and a rotating inner base to give you perfect ‘deep fried’results without any of the oil or fat. 
You won’t believe how authentic, crispy and delicious the Jet Fryer will make your favourite fried foods taste. You can also grill, roast and even bake the healthy way. 
At last! Fried food can be healthy, thanks to the Jet Fryer.

Jet Fryer is not just a fryer. It’s a new cooking system based on hot-air circulation technology. With this system, food can be cooked without the unhealthy oil, which means you can eat healthy every day without giving up all the food’s natural flavor.

Jet Fryer makes crispy, delicious French fries and fried appetizers the healthy way. It provides a healthy new alternative to the traditional way of frying with a lot of oil. Crispy, golden French fries prepared in the Jet Fryer are a tasty and healthy dish for children and adults.

You can also prepare other delicious foods in the Jet Fryer, such as chicken nuggets, breaded fish and meatballs. It’s very versatile. You’ll be able to prepare countless meat, fish, vegetable and dessert recipes.

And if you really want to show off your cooking skills, use the Jet Fryer to prepare tasty tapas, appetizers and even desserts. With Jet Fryer, you’ll turn a delicious meal into a healthy feast.

Jet Fryer is easy, economical and safe to use because you don’t have to fill it with oil. It’s a good solution for families with children. Older children can even help prepare their own French fries in the Jet Fryer. And, best of all, say goodbye to those unpleasant fried cooking odors. Jet Fryer just leaves a delicious aroma.

• Transparent Cover lets you see how the food is cooked

Features :

  • Hot, rapid air vortex technology
  • 360 degree rotating inner base for perfect, even cooking
  • No oil or fat, just clean, hot air
  • Get ‘deep fried’ results without the frying
  • Food is crispy and delicious
  • Grill, bake and roast
  • Basket and frying rack allows fat to leave your food and be discarded
  • Transparent Cover lets you see how the food is cooked.
  • Weight:
  • 5.500kg